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CSI Integrate & Collaborate (CSI IC) enriches CSI Authorization Auditor Client/ServerCSI Role Build & Manage Client/Server and/or CSI Automated Request Engine Client/Server. It enables features such as web based front-end access, automation of downloading, integration of mobile devices in approval flows for user requests and scheduled synchronization with one SAP landscape.



CSI Integrate & Collaborate enriches CSI Authorization Auditor Client/Server and/or CSI Role Build & Manage Client/Server. It enables the following features:

  • Web based front-end access
  • Automation of downloading
  • Integration of mobile devices in approval flows for user requests
  • Scheduled synchronization with one SAP Landscape

The automation part of CSI IC is a pure timesaver to ensure the data used for audits and authorization is actual/in sync with the SAP system. 


Efficient (ROI)

  • Run automated tasks during out-of-office hours

Effective (Best Practice / Security Improvement)

  • Web based front end for smooth access to the application

Tuned for Business Readiness