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CSIARE2019 256 v7

Also available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

CSI Automated Request Engine (CSI ARE) keeps your SAP environment compliant by preventing access violations. It enables compliant user provisioning with workflow for access requests, policy analysis (like SoD conflict checks), approvals and access fulfillment in the SAP system. The automation of the access requests is a pure timesaver and will keep the SAP system compliant with preventive checking on SoD conflicts and access control to critical functionality.



CSI Automated Request Engine processes and logs all user role requests. By checking multiple layers of SAP authorizations, CSI ARE evaluates the access requests and ensures that new SoD conflicts and unwanted access to critical functionality (even through accumulation of access rights) do not occur. The request is done via a web interface or is integrated with a ticketing system or Identity Management system. The appropriate owners (user/role/risk/…) are informed and can approve or decline the request via workflow with integrated email functionality. A check on the SoD conflicts and access to critical functionality is integrated and only approved requests are handled automatically in the SAP system.

The application can be adjusted to the companies’ maturity level; from a change request repository with an information flow so that key users are informed when critical access is granted, to a full compliancy check with SoD and/or critical access, workflow approval and information flow. The workflow can be activated in parallel or sequential flow.

CSI Automated Request Engine enables:

  • Fully automated SAP user access provisioning with configurable workflow and emailing functionality
  • Preventive check on SoD conflicts and access to critical functionality with regard to the access request
  • Process integration with ticketing systems, SAP workflow and Identity Management systems


Efficient (ROI)

  • Efficiency in assigning and determining appropriate access
  • Greater efficiency and savings in resource time documenting user access reviews
  • Automation of security process

Effective (Best Practice / Security Improvement)

  • Time and resource saver by automating access provisioning
  • Reduction in risk exposure as well as business disruption through stronger control enforcement
  • Logging of the change request for audit trail
  • Information flow informs all key users
  • Approval possible web based, via email or application

Tuned for Business Readiness

  • Integration with ticketing systems, SAP workflow, Identity Managements, etc.
  • Fully adjustable workflow and information flow
  • Accessible via web interface